Welcome to Our Home!!

We are a Christian homeschooling family that has been bitten by the soap making bug. We began making bath soap after making a decision to remove as many petrochemicals as possible from our lives. Part of the decision to shift to homemade soap was accepting the fact that we would be using sub-standard soap but that was a sacrifice we were willing to make for our own good. We Were Sooo Ignorant!!!. Imagine our surprise when our first batch of soap left us feeling cleaner and with softer skin than our commercial soap ever had. With a little research and some test batches, it wasn't long before we were making soaps that had a luxurious feel we NEVER got from our store bought soap. We had to share what we had discovered with family and friends. It was through their requests that we started our product line and it has been growing ever since.

While we would love to be able to earn a living making soap, we fully realize that God will have to bless this endeavor in order for that to happen. Short of making a living through soap, our heart's desire is to be able to make enough money selling soap to be able to offer free soap to missionary families around the world. We know some of the struggles encountered living abroad and desire to be a blessing in this small way.

We believe every woman deserves to feel pampered sometimes!!

Men Just Deserve Good Soap.

If you are interested in making a donation for missionaries, please click here.