I am amazed at the positive response we have received concerning our desire to provide soap to missionaries. Many of the people looking at our site have expressed a desire to be able to donate without purchasing soap. They seem to agree this is a wonderful way to bless people who are selflessly serving God, providing them with a luxury product they probably would not purchase for themselves, and want to be involved. While I never intended this avenue, and am reluctant to accept donations, far be it for me to tell others they cannot take part in this ministry. Therefore, we have created a way for you to donate through PayPal. Simply click the donate button on the right and you will be taken to PayPal's secure website where you can make a donation of any size directly to our account. You do not even need a PayPal account to use their services in this manner. The product ID provided to us by PayPal will identify the payment as a donation allowing us to differentiate donations from regular purchases.

Please understand that we are not a tax exempt organization and therefore your donation is not tax deductible!! We will use every penny we receive through donations to send soap to missionaries on the foreign field. For those making donations, may God bless you for your unselfish gift.